A new capital investment project is important for the growth and expansion of a company. It is also important for the economy at large as it means research and development. This type of project is one that is either for expansion into a new product line or into a new target market.

French fries production

Average season production ~30-40 000mt of raw potato processed into french fry & wedges.  95% volumes booked for Сustomers as McDonalds and big retailers. Presale stage early spring for a year contracts. Subsiding the farmers .

Dairy production farm, butter plant

Dairy farm with 400ha of agricultural land. Land lease agreements are made for 5 years with exclusive rights of extension. The main purpose of the farm is growing high productive cows for high quality milk production. Good location.

Poultry production complex

3 345 000 birds per year, 3 663 metric tones Halal Frozen chicken meat, cutted by hand according to Islamic regulations.