A new capital investment project is important for the growth and expansion of a company. It is also important for the economy at large as it means research and development. This type of project is one that is either for expansion into a new product line or into a new target market.

Organic Food Platform in UK/NL 2020-2023

Project to support Ukrainian Organic farmers and producers, Members of Ukrainian Organic Association, Organic Cluster of Ukraine. Direct procurement to organic shops and B2C in United Kingdom and Netherlands. Empowered by e-commerce platform, digital sales analytics, Sale-or-Return business model. Co-packing and private label service for farmers. Project on seed stage.

Expansion Of Organic Greenhouse Project 2020-2023

Organic greenhouses complex in Ukraine with a private owned area of ​​2000m2, expansion to 4000m2 in the 2021 and to 15000m2 till 2023. Seed  stage starting Jan 2020.  Supply of high-quality organic vegetables, salads and herbs over the year.  ROI — 35% up. Reinvestment  options at progressive rates.

Procurement of potato seed crop for Production of French fries 2020-2021

Production capacity is ~30-40 000mt, french fry & wedges. Local consumption  is 15Kmt, where 6Kmt is imported from EU.  80% is sold to the retail and local market, 20% shipped for export. 1mil initial investment required for seed procurement and subsiding the farmers. ROI — 25%. up

Dairy Production Farm Renovation Project

Renovation of dairy farm with 400ha of agricultural land. Land lease agreements for 5 years with exclusive rights of extension. The main purpose of the farm is growing high productive cows for high quality organic milk production. 2mil required for renovation.

Poultry production complex

3 345 000 birds per year, 3 663 metric tones Halal Frozen chicken meat, cutted by hand according to Islamic regulations.